Alaska Court of Appeals Judge Marjorie Allard

Ms. Allard authored the Court of Appeals opinion in 2014 that affirmed the wrongful conviction of Mr. Jack.  After reviewing the transcripts of the Glass Warrant recordings, she wrote that: 1) Ms. Ogoy’s grand jury testimony was a fair representation of what Mr. Jack said to her; 2) Mr. Jack’s statement that “I’d never do that or anything like that” did not qualify as “substantially favorable” evidence; 3) hearing Mr. Jack’s unequivocal denials to Mr. Dobson would not have made any difference to the grand jurors; and 4) that inadmissible testimony given by Ms. Ogoy to the grand jury was harmless because of T.T.’s testimony.

Ms. Allard failed to honor her oath to uphold the Alaska Constitution and to promote the administration of justice. She is next up for review by the Alaska Judicial Council and a retention election in 2024.

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