Alaska Supreme Court Judges Daniel Winfree, Joel Bolger, and Peter Maassen

These three current judges were on the Alaska Supreme Court in 2015 when it declined to hear Mr. Jack’s appeal from the decision of the Court of Appeal and Ms. Allard’s opinion.  They had an opportunity to restore Mr. Jack’s constitutional rights and throw out his unlawful conviction, but instead they showed no interest inContinue reading “Alaska Supreme Court Judges Daniel Winfree, Joel Bolger, and Peter Maassen”

Alaska Court of Appeals Judge Marjorie Allard

Ms. Allard authored the Court of Appeals opinion in 2014 that affirmed the wrongful conviction of Mr. Jack.  After reviewing the transcripts of the Glass Warrant recordings, she wrote that: 1) Ms. Ogoy’s grand jury testimony was a fair representation of what Mr. Jack said to her; 2) Mr. Jack’s statement that “I’d never doContinue reading “Alaska Court of Appeals Judge Marjorie Allard”

Applicant for Vacancy on Alaska Court of Appeals, Paul Miovas, Jr.

Mr. Miovas currently serves the public in his capacity of Division Director, Criminal Division, Alaska Department of Law.  Mr. Miovas is fully aware of the facts behind Mr. Jack’s wrongful conviction and the violation of his constitutional rights but has refused to take any remedial action.  In the view of Mr. Miovas, “Mr. Jack hasContinue reading “Applicant for Vacancy on Alaska Court of Appeals, Paul Miovas, Jr.”

Juneau Superior Court Judge Philip M. Pallenberg

Mr. Pallenberg presided over the case of Mr. Jack and allowed the constitutional violations by the Juneau District Attorney’s Office against Mr. Jack to stand.  He also played an important role in additional constitutional violations by forcing Mr. Jack to have an unfair trial with unprepared counsel and in excluding all Alaskan Natives from bothContinue reading “Juneau Superior Court Judge Philip M. Pallenberg”

US Senator Dan Sullivan

Mr. Sullivan was the Attorney General of Alaska during Mr. Jack’s two trials and responsible for conduct within the Juneau District Attorney’s office which violated Mr. Jack’s constitutional rights.  As the Attorney General, Mr. Sullivan was not only under oath to uphold the Alaska Constitution and to promote the administration of justice but had aContinue reading “US Senator Dan Sullivan”