Governor Mike Dunleavy

Mr. Dunleavy holds the unique power, as the chief executive of the State of Alaska, to issue a pardon for innocence to Mr. Jack that would completely exonerate him.  In addition to his pardon power, he also has the ability to direct the Attorney General to negotiate a deal with Mr. Jack’s attorneys that could provide for the release of Mr. Jack. Mr. Dunleavy has been aware of Mr. Jack’s wrongful conviction for over a year but has refused to take any action and free an innocent Alaskan Native from jail who was a victim of egregious bias. 

Mr. Dunleavy is under oath to uphold the Alaska Constitution and to promote the administration of justice.  He is eligible for re-election in 2022. Those Alaskans who care about justice and are connected to Mr. Dunleavy should continue to bring Mr. Jack’s situation to his attention and urge him to do the right thing.

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