Applicant for Vacancy on Alaska Court of Appeals, Paul Miovas, Jr.

Mr. Miovas currently serves the public in his capacity of Division Director, Criminal Division, Alaska Department of Law.  Mr. Miovas is fully aware of the facts behind Mr. Jack’s wrongful conviction and the violation of his constitutional rights but has refused to take any remedial action.  In the view of Mr. Miovas, “Mr. Jack has legal counsel and has been afforded due process throughout the history of his case.” Mr. Miovas is under oath to uphold the Alaska Constitution and to promote the administration of justice. 

In 2020 Mr. Miovas applied for a judicial vacancy on the Alaska Court of Appeals, a court which primarily reviews criminal cases and frequently rules on issues of due process and constitutional rights.  PBJ and Alaska Native women attended the public hearing held by the Alaska Judicial Council on November 16, 2020 and opposed his nomination. Mr. Miovas did not receive the Council’s nomination but may apply in the future for other openings. Alaskans who value justice and are connected to Mr. Miovas should urge him to do the right thing. 

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