Juneau Superior Court Judge Philip M. Pallenberg

Mr. Pallenberg presided over the case of Mr. Jack and allowed the constitutional violations by the Juneau District Attorney’s Office against Mr. Jack to stand.  He also played an important role in additional constitutional violations by forcing Mr. Jack to have an unfair trial with unprepared counsel and in excluding all Alaskan Natives from both juries.  He also made several questionable rulings throughout Mr. Jack’s case and completely mischaracterized Mr. Jack’s statements in the Glass Warrant recordings.  

Mr. Pallenberg has failed to honor his oath to uphold the Alaska Constitution and to promote the administration of justice.  He is next up for review by the Alaska Judicial Council and a retention election in 2022.  Mr. Pallenberg is also a frequent applicant to the Alaska Judicial Council for vacancies on the Alaska Court of Appeals and the Alaska Supreme Court.  Comments on his retention and future applications can be sent to the Alaska Judicial Council in Anchorage.

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